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Classical EFT vs Energy EFT!

I learned classical EFT back in 1999 and used this technique both on myself and my clients for over thirteen years! I never thought that an improvement or a new way of working with EFT was possible- how wrong was I!

The differences between Classical EFT and Energy EFT are subtle, yet both significant in effectiveness.
Energy EFT streamlines the Emotional Freedom Technique treatment in a relaxed, stress-free and calm manner!

I learned classical EFT back in 1999 and used this technique both on myself and my clients for over thirteen years! I never thought that an improvement or a new way of working with EFT was possible- how wrong was I! in 2012 I was introduced to a newer way of working with EFT called Energy EFT and I have to say I was skeptical! sure why wouldn't I be - after using classical EFT for thirteen years, for me, was enough proof that it worked well and did not need any improvements!! So I put my ego to the side and emersed myself in the newer version and to this day have not looked back!

We are constantly changing and evolving and there have been significant advances in Neuroscience and working with energy, and EFT, is an energy technique which removes negative blockages from our energy system which in turn reflects changes in the physiology and psychology resulting in a happier and healthier being!

So what's the difference between Classical Eft & Energy EFT?
The treatment flow of a Classic EFT session and rapport between EFT practitioner and EFT client can break down; reversals, problems which impede the power of the EFT treatment.

Whereas Energy EFT provides a platform from the heart position to a smooth energy based treatment flow so that each round of EFT produces the maximum increase in energy flow which gets us better results, faster.

As Silvia Hartmann founder of Energy EFT Say
The moment a person places both hands on their heart of energy, we are in a natural place where their healing hands become activated also (their hands of energy) and for the practitioner, we are reminded that we are not "stimulating glands" or "massaging neuro-reflex points" but instead are working with the energy body - full stop.

Why NO Sore Spot?
Physically it is a sore spot to rub and massage! and can be hard to locate in the chest area and quite frankly can be more of a distraction from the problem you are actually working with! It can put people off trying to locate and rub this spot!

In Energy EFT! we place our hand over this area which invariably also covers the heart and provides grounding and centering both in the beginning and end of each round! The magic of change happens when you set your opening statement with intention from the heart area, which automatically does away with confusion and disorientation!

Crown or top of the head- what's that about?
Energy EFT directs us to the top of our head as its the main central power channel that unlocks what's needed to be shifted. Tapping and working from the top down, feels more natural in movement and releases stress very quickly!

Third Eye or Center of forehead
While tapping on this point, it's akin to inviting your higher self in to assist in your healing!

What about that sweaty tapping point under your arm? Is it really necessary?

If you have never experienced EFT before and get to the arm bit!! you tend to get giddy and or embarrassed and more than likely will be sweaty or struggle to find exactly where to tap under here and it can lose you in the tapping flow. It is a great point but more often than not, tends to be left out of the EFT Energy Protocol! as it's not necessary for a successful round of tapping!

EFT Finger points - the famous 4th finger!! Do I tap or skip it?!
You can never have enough points to tap on! it's healthy and re-balances your energy system.

The Nine Gamut - Is it really needed?

It's optional but not needed. Some people find that they like to introduce it if they get stuck, but more often than not if you get stuck it usually means you need to drink some water, as EFT can dehydrate you- so best to keep topped up with water!

The wording of the Setups
This can bring about a lot of confusion and get you sidetracked! it's best to make one statement that is simple and to the point while resting hands in the heart area! and then using this same statement all the way through the tapping points, so that you stay focused and not get railroaded off on another track!on track.

To Breathe or not to Breathe between EFT Tapping points!

Breathing is very relaxing and de-stresses you very quickly as you move from one point to the next! along with giving you great insight as you go and stabilises your energy flow.

For more information on this check out Silvia Hartmann Explanations.

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