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Can Energy Psychology Heal Emotion?

Energy Psychology methods are just too good to keep quiet… No known side effects!! And It's Safe Aisling Killoran and Ray Manning of Accomplish Change Clinics

Energy Psychology methods are just too good to keep quiet…

No known side effects!! And It's Safe Aisling Killoran and Ray Manning of Accomplish Change Clinic in Dublin have been using Energy psychology with remarkable success in healing which facilitates desired changes in emotions, thought, and behavior. There are currently no known side effects to energy-oriented treatments when properly administered by an experienced practitioner.

Clients report the following results from there energy psychology sessions that presenting symptoms were significantly reduced after an average of 77.5 minutes of treatment.

What is Energy Psychology
Energy Psychology is a family of mind/body therapies and self help techniques. Methods include working with the human energy system providing relief from mind-body distress, using meridians, acupoints, chakras and the biofield. These techniques center on accessing and changing the energy in the meridians, acupressure points, chakras and biofield systems.

They involve self-tapping, eye movements or holding particular points on your own body.

Preliminary clinical studies and clinical reports support the efficacy of Energy Psychology. Ongoing research is been carried out to further validate these innovative techniques. It is also an umbrella term for numerous specific formulations, such as Thought Field Therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Tapas Acupressure Techniques, Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing, Energy Diagnostic and Treatment Methods, and more than two dozen others.

These techniques are so empowering That an international non profit Organisation, Association For Comprehensive Energy Psychology has been set up to promote responsible Energy Psychology treatments and collaboration among practitioners, researchers and licensing bodies.

These methods have a reputation for being easily learned and applied by just about everyone, starting with children of age 5 on up.

The techniques are completely safe and have no known side effects.

You can count on feeling less stress, more relaxed with an increased sense of well being when you practice these methods. Energy psychology techniques are highly portable tools to aid you in recovery.

There are self help protocols thought professionally and facilitated by experienced practitioners.

One such practitioner Aisling Killoran of Accomplish Change Clinic Sandymount says "These gentle techniques are safe to use with stress, anxiety, anxiety performance, fears, panic attacks, Public Speaking, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, suffering from chronic physical illness and high-risk pregnancy. It is gentle enough to support clients and families facing end of life challenges, and much more"

Aisling Killoran says,
"The field of Energy Psychology is new and still evolving. Exciting and promising new techniques emerge every year. Many of these are highlighted at the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology conferences attended by Aisling.. As promising as the Energy Psychotherapies are, it is wise to be open but cautious about claims some practitioners may make about their effectiveness and abilities. At this moment, Energy Psychology appears to represent a significant advancement in the search for effective therapy, and initial research findings are supportive of these claims. But it will likely take some years before scientific validation has been achieved."

Many Energy Psychotherapies can also be used as self-help tools. However, if you intend to do deep work on yourself, or have more complex or serious problems, choose a practitioner trained in Energy Psychotherapies to assist and guide you.

Successful therapy can transform your life. It can free you to be yourself more fully in the world. It can affect every aspect of your life--your career path, your relationship choices, and even the core beliefs you have held about yourself and the world. You want to find a therapist who is skilled in helping people make momentous changes.

Energy Psychotherapy can be a path for greater appreciation of your untapped potential for healing and change. Seek a practitioner who will celebrate your gains and honor the steps you take toward self-empowerment.

If you have an issue you would like help with. You can contact Aisling Killoran or Ray Manning who are certified professional Energy Psychology Practitioners specialising in innovative, effective and ethical self help techniques on 087 1352122.

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