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Science's Stance on EFT
If you're unfamiliar with tapping or similar techniques such as acupuncture, the entire process may seem strange, silly or unrealistic.
However, with prestigious organizations, like the American Psychological Association, endorsing the legitimacy of EFT along with prominent MD's, psychiatrists and even neurologists, embracing the technique, it's not surprising that science has examined tapping claims.
Seventeen studies have been published from 2008 to 2013 of various EFT processes, confirming positive results from the process.

Using Tapping for Business
As a group, entrepreneurs push the envelope, always setting and seeking to accomplish goals that are bigger and more ambitious than your average person.

To support this, a group of life, finance, and business coaches have brought tapping to entrepreneurs across the globe. Videos, seminars, mentors, and blogs teach success minded professionals how to use tapping to quickly release fear, self-doubt and even procrastination about finances, job decisions, and careers.
According to many tapping students, EFT has resulted in bigger thinking, more action, stronger financial states, career growth, and increased satisfaction with life.

Margaret M. Lynch is one of the leading experts on using EFT for success and wealth and author of the book "Tapping Into Wealth" (Penguin/Tarcher).
On her blog and through a series of online videos, Lynch talks about discovering your inner money paradigm and shifting it using EFT as a key to creating financial success.

According to Lynch, when it comes to earning more money and creating true wealth, you must look at the "mind/body/money" connection to see the whole story. This is because thinking about money in all its forms - income, savings, wealth goals, debt, bills - tends to trigger more anxiety, fear, frustration and limiting beliefs than almost any other thing in life.
Until we see and address this on the inside, our income and wealth will always be mysteriously and frustratingly limited. But, she passionately believes, it need not be so.

Lynch elaborated:

  • Tapping doesn't magically create wealth, but creating wealth takes vision, action, enthusiasm and a resilient mental toughness.
  • Tapping is a fast and amazingly simple technique that can clear away even a lifetime habit of self-doubt, fear, insecurity and self-sabotage leaving one more resourceful, positive, creative and in a word, happy.
  • This is where tapping enhances and facilitates the traits of positive thinking, courage, creativity and passion commonly exhibited by the most highly successful people.

Does Tapping Really Work?
With a growing number of business pros tapping into emotional freedom and success, many non-tappers probably wonder if it's that simple.
Ask any sports coach; they'll tell you about how much of success is the "the mental game" and the power of positive thinking.
Once thought to be simple a form of positive, scientific studies have shown that individuals who use tapping experience a measurable reduction in cortisol within minutes, and a self-evident physiological and psychological shift from a stressed state to one of emotional balance and positive perspective and expectation.

In the end, entrepreneurs will have to experience for themselves whether tapping works. With so much time spent on business coaching.

Source: Huffington Post - EFT Tapping Training Dublin

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EFT has proven itself over the last twenty years

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