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What is Emotional Freedom Technique?

What is Emotional Freedom Technique?
EFT is the training solution for all your EFT tapping needs; a form of acupressure based on the same energy points used in traditional acupuncture, without needles! It is also known as EFT Tapping, and is an alternative complementary therapy, available in Dublin, that is easy to learn and Ideal for Personal Development and Self-Care.

The Emotional Freedom Technique itself is simple: following a tapping sequence, you first think about something that you find stressful, for example, your bills, a past trauma, public speaking or asking your boss for a raise. Next, you simply use your fingertips to lightly tap on about 8 acupuncture points while stating aloud the thoughts and feelings that arise.

Use of tapping the acupuncture points caused the technique to become known simply as Tapping by many users.

Today, The Process Is Interchangeably Referred To As Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT Tapping, EFT, or Just Tapping!

How Does Emotional Freedom Technique Work?

EFT Involves:

  • Tapping points on the Hands,Face,and Chest.
  • Using Specific Phrases on how you are feeling in order to relieve anxiety and stress.
  • Focusing in on where you feel the discomfort in your body along with images etc.

The combination of Tapping, Voicing along with Focusing on issues begins to clear the 'Emotional Block' from a person's 'Bioenergy System' and Restores Balance back into the body, leaving you feeling Relaxed and Positive!

Training in Tapping is known to Release:Stress, Anxiety, Fears, Phobias, Allergies, Emotional Pain and a host of other Physical and Emotional Issues… 

Emotional Freedom Technique is based on the same premises as acupuncture, though there are no needles involved. The point of acupuncture is to stimulate certain nerves or areas of the body that are proven to impact other areas or states; tapping serves a similar purpose.

It has been shown to "switch off" the fight or flight response within minutes, reducing the feelings and sensations of fear, anxiety or even anger that commonly arise when a person thinks about something stressful or upsetting. At the same time, one would also vocalise any thoughts, feelings or memories that appear during the process.

This effect is seen most dramatically in with Veterans suffering with PTSD where Emotional Freedom Techniques tapping has been adopted by many VA treatment centers because of its exceptional results.

Unlike acupuncture or acupressure, which are usually used to treat physical ailments, tapping is aimed at emotional healing at the nervous system level.

The Medical Field agrees that 80% of all Illness has a STRESS Related Component!

Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping

Reduces the Stress Response & Comprehensive Gain in Health and Performance. 

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