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Emotional Support For Pregnancy!

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Been told or thinking you are "infertile" keeps us stuck and it amplifies itself through us physically, mentally & emotionally.

It's time to seek help when getting pregnant seems so far away!:

  • You feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster
  • You are obsessing about getting pregnant
  • You look in the mirror and you don't know who you are anymore!
  • You are in floods of tears each month when you are not yet pregnant
  • you have become negative towards yourself "my body is failing me"
  • You have been told you have unexplained Infertility
  • You have a secret from your past, that has come back to haunt you
  • You start avoiding family social gatherings
  • You can't be with your friends as they are all getting pregnant
  • You start nagging your partner
  • Making love becomes a chore ~ sex on a calendar!
  • You are experiencing severe stress
  • You have had a traumatic birth experience with your previous pregnancy
  • You have decided to go for IUI, IVF, ICSI or other medical interventions
  • Your partner has low sperm count!

Let Me Help YOU De-stress! Get Into A Positive Mindset

Using Creative Hypnosis Techniques 

Hypnosis, Cognitive Re-Structuring techniques, EFT, NLP and more…
I will create an individually tailored programme for you based on your journey to-date and a combination of knowledge, techniques and modalities to help support you on your journey of conception and getting pregnant. The average number of sessions is between 3-6. You will also receive FREE audio recordings which will support you in relaxing and preparing for your pregnancy.

Studies have shown that Hypnosis for fertility can increase your success rate by 50% in conceiving and double your success rate if using IVF. It is important to take some time to de-stress and empty your mind and eliminate some of the mental clutter that can interfere when you are trying to get pregnant.

Audio recordings:
When you book online or visit me, I will provide you with audios to help you relax in helping you conceive and get pregnant.

  • Self Awareness for pregnancy Days 1-3 of your cycle
  • Preparing for pregnancy Days 4-10 of your cycle
  • Visualisation for pregnancy Days 11-21 of your cycle
  • Deep Relaxation and Preparation for Pregnancy Days 22-28 of your cycle

IVF Journey
A hypnosis session before or after your medical appointment can do wonders to help you relax and give you a feeling of control and connection with your mind and body.

No Matter Where YOU Are On Your Journey

I wish You Well In

Conceiving & Moving Through A Healthy Pregnancy 

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