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Fertility Clinics Dublin

​In Ireland, up to 3,000 babies are born each year as a result of and other hi-tech interventions,with eight assisted human reproductive clinics offering a range of fertility treatments, from IVF to egg freezing and artificial insemination.

IVF drugs induce artificial menopause, followed by high doses of ovarian stimulation.

The aim is to produce more than eight eggs to be fertilised in the laboratory.

A standard IVF treatment can cost anything from €3,800 to €7,000 and has a 31pc success rate.

But it is not without its risks, and for some, the side effects of the drugs can be severe.

A growing number of women turn to less invasive natural procreative technology, Neo Fertility a treatment being pioneered in Ireland by Galway-based fertility expert, Dr Phil Boyle.

As well as drug treatment, the technology focuses on the diagnosis, which is led by the couples themselves, and corrective surgery where a problem is detected.

His clinic's latest figures show a 30pc pregnancy rate among 400 couples in the last six years, all with a history of previous failed IVF treatments.

For those in the 43-plus age group, the success rate is 15pc. The average IVF treatment cost, including doctors and teachers' fees and medication, is around €4,300.

Egg donation and egg-and-sperm donation requires traveling abroad, primarily to Spain or the Czech Republic, with prices varying from €4,000 to €6,000.

Around 500 children a year are born via donor method.

Another new treatment being availed of by Irish women is embryo adoption. Here, couples are given the opportunity to either donate or adopt unused healthy frozen embryos from other couples during the IVF process.

Since the programme was established in the Barcelona Institute Marques clinic in 2006, 22 babies have been born to Irish couples. The cost is understood to be less than €5,000.

Source: Independent

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