By Aisling Killoran & Ray Manning on Tuesday, 21 June 2022
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Healthy Thinking Around Conceiving

​Positive Thinking Can Help YOU Get Pregnant! "What The Mind Conceives The Mind Achieves " Napoleon Hill. Helping you become aware of your thoughts can help reframe and be positive!

 How Healthy Are Your Thoughts Around Conceiving

What Do YOU Want More of vs. What Do You Want Less Of ?

We used this exercise on How Healthy Are You with our couple Thomas & Karen Who has since given birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy Jan 2014. This was a great eye-opener for both Karen and Thomas! In helping them become aware of where their energy was going both positively and negatively, which in turn put them at choice.

Why do these exercises:
It shows you where your energy is being spent, which tends to be negative unconscious and allows you to reframe it consciously. Hence, it is conducive to enhancing your overall belief in becoming pregnant.

Empowering self-change in believing in your ability to conceive easily, effortlessly and naturally. Of course, this can be used for anything that you would like to address be it a career move, a relationship dilemma…

More or Less Exercise:
This exercise will help you redefine how you focus your thoughts and energies. It is an eye-opener as it shows you how often you think in terms of less, rather than more. Where we focus our thoughts, emotions, or energies determines what we draw into our lives.

How it works:
You fill in all of the things you want more of, and all the things you want less of.

The items listed on the MORE side show the items where you are positively focusing your thoughts and energies and drawing more positive energy into your life.

The items on the LESS sideshow where you are drawing more stress and negativity into your life.

You May Notice That You Will Fill In More On What You Want Less Of! 

The idea is then to re-phrase the negatives and move them to the more positive side of the page.

(The law of attraction – positive attracts positivity and negative attracts more of it etc.…)

Since 2000 Aisling Killoran has had the pleasure of supporting over a thousand couples de-stress and prepare mentally and emotionally for conceiving, getting Pregnant and remain relaxed through their pregnancy in preparation for their babies birth. I have helped couples like you achieve a gentle and stress-free conception, pregnancy and birth.

Source: Provided by Aisling of Accomplish Change

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