By Aisling Killoran & Ray Manning on Wednesday, 13 July 2022
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IVF Treatment Beacon Care Fertility

I watched TV3 where they had an expert on in Fertility related to IVF and beyond. It's fantastic to hear all the new developments that are coming to Ireland through "The Beacon Care Fertility"

IVF Treatment

They are one of the world's leading providers of fertility treatment, genetic diagnosis and screening techniques and associated fertility preservation procedures.

At the forefront of IVF science, CARE's Embryologists and Clinicians are able to offer you today's most advanced and effective procedures, some of which were developed through their own research. to read more on this visit

You will find lots of informative information on Fertility treatments, Genetics Programme, Donation programme, Fertility preservation, Lifestyle changes and more…

At the cutting edge of fertility treatments, Beacon CARE Fertility is owned and operated by leading Irish healthcare company Beacon Medical Group and the renowned CARE Fertility, which has pioneered groundbreaking IVF therapies and embryo viability screening since 1997. There have been over 40,000 CARE babies born to date. Patients in Ireland can access the very latest international techniques in all aspects of fertility including fertility assessments, IVF, IUI, autoimmune therapies, egg and sperm freezing (vitrification), pre-implantation genetic testing using the very latest technology of Next Generation Sequencing for embryo viability screening, recurrent miscarriage therapies and testing for inherited genetic disease.

Source: Beacon Care Fertility

At Accomplish Change Clinic – Aisling Killoran deals with the emotional aspects of fertility, from Natural conception through to IVF along with preparing couples for Donor IVF and also helps same-sex couples and couples to prepare emotionally for conception, pregnancy and birth. contact Aisling on 087 1352122 for more information or click on the button below to visit our site.

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