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Male Fertility Tips In Conceiving

Five tips for Increasing male fertility!

Before giving in to any expensive or invasive treatment, there are many proven Male Fertility Tips, which might help you conceive.

Doctors always advise natural conception attempts and lifestyle changes for at least a year before considering any fertility treatments. The top 5 tips for increasing male fertility are effective and won't cost you a thing.

First of all, let us understand male fertility and its causes. To help conception, a man needs to have at least 40 million sperms per ejaculation. More than 40% of couples who cannot conceive a baby have problems with the male partner's sperm. Sperm analysis will evaluate the fertility quality of a man's sperm. A reduction in sperm is linked to many conditions, such as heavy-duty cycling, ill-fitting briefs, performance pressure or extreme exposure to heat. Now, let us understand a few tips, which will help in increasing male fertility.

Importance of Diet-Essential Foods

One needs to eat plenty of Vitamin A, E and C, as well as selenium and zinc in order to increase your fertility. Zinc, present in oysters, is essential in the production of testosterone. It also helps in maintaining semen volume and keeping sperms in a healthy state. If need be, start taking dietary supplements in consultation with your healthcare provider.

Get Fit 

A body mass index (BMI) of less than 20 can lead to male infertility, while any BMI above 25 can reduce a man's sperm count by 22%. The ideal body weight- also referred to as "healthy weight"- is right for your body type and height measurements. Calculating BMI or measuring the waist circumference gives a fairly accurate indication of the healthy weight status. However, it is important to remember that BMI is just one measure of a person's health status. A healthy diet combined with regular exercise of a minimum of 30 minutes every day aids in achieving the goal of healthy body weight.

Say NO To Drugs & Drink In Moderation

Alcohol and drug abuse directly impact sperm reduction and should be strictly curtailed or cut out completely. Try and have at least 4 days off drinking altogether and if you must drink over the weekend, do so in moderation. In particular, smoking leads to damaging sperm DMA and is also linked to birth defects in children. According to many experts, marijuana lowers a man's sperm count and his seminal fluid, thus increasing the number of abnormal sperm that a man produces.

Heat Is One Of The Biggest Enemies Of Healthy Sperm

Best would be to avoid wearing tight trousers or jeans. You might not know this, but a man's body has a built-in cooling device called scrotal elasticity. It provides a cooling mechanism for the testes. However, in tight pants and underwear, that elasticity is limited. The sack has no room to lower itself, which prevents it from descending and keeping everything cool. Keep away from inner wears made of synthetic materials and tight boxers.

Consider Using Fertility Enhancing Supplements

At times, you might be doing everything right, but you might still require fertility-enhancing supplements. Medicines, such as FertileMax and Proxeed, can come to your rescue after getting in due consultation with your healthcare provider. These products have ingredients such as, vitamin C, selenium and CoQ10, which help improve semen quality.

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