By Aisling Killoran & Ray Manning on Tuesday, 17 May 2022
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Science Of Hypnosis For Fertility

​There is some research attached that validates hypnosis as an option in helping women conceive and studies that suggest a positive link between fertility and treatments based on hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis For Fertility And IVF An Israeli study showed that IVF treatments' success rate doubled in his test group from 14% to 28% when the subjects underwent hypnosis during implantation. Professor Eliahu Levitas conducted this study with 185 women.

Dr Gayle Peterson has developed a technique called Body-Centered Hypnosis. Dr Peterson has found that high anxiety states in the mother must be reduced to normalise pregnancy and birth. She sites several research studies that suggest a positive link between fertility and treatments based on hypnotherapy. She is a pioneer in mind/body states and their effects on fertility, pregnancy and birthing. Click here to read more about Dr Peterson and her work.

Dr Alice Domar has been published in several important journals, such as Fertility & Sterility (1990 and 2000) and the Journal of the American Medical Women's Association (1999). She emphasises "mind/body" techniques that include self-hypnotic suggestions to reduce stresses that interfere with conception and healthy pregnancy. Domar is the author of Conquering Infertility and other books on the topic.

Dr Ernest L. Rossi specialises in psychobiology or the relationship between the mind and physical body states. He has done extensive research to suggest that human genes must be in a state of physical readiness for conception to occur and that hypnotic-type suggestions can activate specific genes, including the IL-1, c-fos, and the CYP17 in a specific order.

At the Institute of Applied Psychology in Lisbon Portugal, a team of researchers led by Katharina Hirschenhauser has concluded that men who actively want to be fathers automatically adjust their testosterone levels at exactly the right time (the middle of their partners' menstrual cycles). Perhaps there is no better hypnotic suggestion for a male partner than the idea that he wants to become a father.

How Aisling Can Help you!

At Accomplish Change in Dublin, Aisling Killoran has a special interest in Conceiving, pregnancy and birthing and has been working alongside mums and dad to address the emotional aspects around having a baby. She deals with; beliefs, traumas, birth traumas, unexplained secondary infertility, stress, anxiety,  fears, IVF Treatments, and the overall emotional roller coaster that we can end up out of desperation to conceive.

The average number of Fertility Hypnosis sessions is between three and six. Each client is supported individually on their journey to increase the outcome of conceiving, in a non-invasive, ethical and safe returning balance back to each individual in a way that is conducive to conceiving, whether it be naturally or through assisted medical IVF treatments, IUI… Please contact Aisling for more information. 087-1352122

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