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Trying to Conceive - Emotional Effects

Been told or thinking you may never have a child or are you worried you may have infertility problems can amplify itself through you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Some of the emotional effects when trying to conceive or you're told its unexplained infertility:

The following may well resonate with you while trying to conceive, but never give up!! There are many avenues to helping you!

Blame: If the couple is not deeply bonded, there will be a tendency to blame each other. Often, family members like parents of the couple also point fingers and create stress between the couple.

Guilt: Both husband and wife will blame themselves for this situation. Motherhood holds an important place in the feminine psyche and especially in society's perceptions of women. This will lead to guilt in women and may result in depression, anxiety, stress and
Inadequacy: The ability to have children is seen as a sign of masculine virility. When a man is unable to father a child, he struggles to reconcile it with his pride.

Anger: In these emotional effects of infertility, the couple's stress manifests itself as rage. This rage may be directed at each other or the people around them: their household, staff, colleagues, friends or family.
A difference of opinion: Men and women have different ways of coping. She may want to talk and be given emotional support, but he may not want to dwell on painful issues.

Emotional Distance: Often, the couple begins avoiding their family and friends, as they do not want to deal with probing questions while trying to conceive as they feel that people around them cannot understand how they feel. They become anxious and stressed.

Jealousy: Some couples, who are trying to get pregnant, develop intense jealousy for those who can. They may behave badly with friends or relatives who have children.

Lack of Sexual Interest: The couple begins to time their intercourse to an ovulation timetable. The act of lovemaking feels routine and the additional pressure to be "successful" each time creeps in.

Financial Stress: Most infertile couples go to the best doctors and struggle through several expensive fertility treatment rounds. This leaves them financially and emotionally devastated. It takes a great deal of maturity and empathy for childless couples to deal with infertility's emotional effects. Think positive. That is the best way to handle the emotional effects of infertility.


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