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Trying to Conceive - When to Stop

 Trying to Conceive And Get Pregnant & Emotions Can Play Havoc with Fertility!

NINE Untruths in the 'Never Give Up' Message by Justine Brooks

Acceptance In Infertility Support

1. Minimizes The Difficulties
Infertility is expensive, and in most of our cases, we don't have endless resources, and our insurance does not cover it.

Every cycle can feel like a loss.
We live by the timelines and the waits. We oftentimes feel like no one understands and try to cope with it all on our own.
The emotional difficulties, stress and anxiety  of infertility feel endless.

The money, the losses, the stresses, all of it are so hard on our relationships. If we do the work to turn towards one another, our relationships often gain strength but for many infertility will do undeniable and sometimes even irreparable damage.

2. Breeds Comparison
It seems like no two infertility stories are the same, causes, medical and family history, treatment protocols, etc., and yet we compare so much. Add to that that not all of us have the same financial resources, faith or religion, family and social support.

3. Triggers Shame
Some of us did choose to stop treatments. Some of us do not choose adoption. Some of us choose to keep trying. However, these are choices sure more times than not, and they are choices between two shit-ass choices.

4. Puts STRESS On The Relationship
How long do we try? What if one partner only has one more round in them? What if one partner is not open to full IVF? What then?

5. Denies Some Truths
There are some of us that fertility treatments will never work. Sometimes there are genetic or chromosome issues, sometimes our bodies completely betray and fail us, sometimes we will never get to know the reason.

6. Invalidates Those Who Define Their Enoughs & Everythings
Only we can determine when enough is enough and what our everything is. For some of us, that is only a first step in the infertility treatment road but not full IVF treatments. For some of us, it is two rounds, for others, it may mean eight.

7. Makes Us Doubt Ourselves & Abandon Our Truth
These pressured messages that may be completely inaccurate for ourselves and our situation as stated above, make us completely deny and abandon our truth, what we want and who we are.

8. Reduces Us To Our Numbers, Our Losses, Our Ability To Procreate
We must be so much more than this. We deserve to be so much more. We are so much more.

9. Sometimes It Is Okay To STOP!
This does not mean we are giving up but rather defining what our own happy ending is. This is finding and moving ever upward.

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