Hypnobirthing Classes For Pain Relief

Hypnobirthing Classes An Alternative To Pain Relief

The technique, focuses on relaxation and self-hypnosis, through pregnancy and during the birth process, and has been found to help birthing women control labour pains.

Many mothers are taking courses with their partners in the lead up to their birth.

The Guardian reports, Its popularity has led to almost one in six of the trust's midwives being trained in the practice,

Hospitals now offering the service include the University College London, Royal Oldham, Countess of Chester and Macclesfield. The trust now runs 10 hypnobirthing courses a month and predict it will instruct between 720 and 960 women in hypnobirthing in 2015.

Katharine Graves, the founder of KG Hypnobirthing and author of The Hypnobirthing Book, has trained dozens of NHS midwives and said more and more women were experiencing the benefits of it.

Women are taught Deep Relaxation Techniques which Induce an almost trance-like state,
making women CALMER & more able to block out pain.

Scientific evidence is inconclusive its impact with some NHS trusts now starting to collect data from mothers who opt for the technique.

Wolverhampton Trust has reported that 80% of hypnobirthing mothers have normal births compared with 60% of the general population.

A normal delivery is one without induction, without the use of instruments, not by Caesarean section and without general, spinal or epidural anesthetic before or during delivery.

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