Hypnobirthing Helps Women Labour

HYPNOBIRTHING Techniques Are More Popular With Expectant Mothers! 

"Some people think it's new age, hippy-dippy. It's anything other than that. It's very practical, down to earth."

Hi, I'm Aisling Killoran, a certified hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. About twenty years ago, I decided to help women prepare for a birth that was calm and relaxing so that women could experience a Positive Birth Experience!

"A couple came to me who were struggling to conceive. I helped them to relax and hey presto! they became pregnant, and then my client asked me to help her prepare for the birth of her baby using hypnobirthing."

The techniques used in hypnobirthing focus on breathing and relaxation, as well as guided imagery. Aisling explains the latter means taking the woman "to a place that represents comfort and relaxation" while getting her to "connect with her body and imagine having a birth that is safe and swift". Partners are also taught ways in which they can be supportive during labour.

Aisling, who is based in Dublin, says hypnobirthing can help women get over fears they may have about pregnancy and giving birth.

Her Online classes are comprehensive, easy to follow, relaxing & empowering 

Hypnobirthing is about Informed Choice!

Aisling says the technique is "not designed to mask pain" but can help reduce it, noting: "About 75% of the women I've helped didn't need pain intervention during labour. I've had women say to me, 'My husband is coming along with me and he's sceptical.' I say, 'Come along and be sceptical.' Scepticism is healthy, it keeps us grounded.

Aisling says this attitude was more common when she started teaching hypnotherapy and Hypnobirthing techniques over two decades ago, but people are "very seldom" sceptical now, given how mainstream the practice has become.The technique has been around for a long time, but has been gaining popularity in recent years.

C-Sections & Pain Relief Aisling says hypnotherapy also prepares women for the fact they may need pain relief such as an epidural or have to undergo a Caesarean section

They have an open mind.They mentally prepare as much as they can and if they end up needing pain relief or a C-section that's absolutely fine, they know they've done everything they can and shouldn't feel bad about that."Hypnobirthing is about helping mothers make an informed choice, they know medical intervention might be needed."

Rachel Dempsey is one of the women Aisling trained during pregnancy. She says she found the techniques she learned during hypnobirthing classes very useful and they helped her to remain calm during labour.

"I'm quite into alternative therapies anyway … I wanted to have a good birthing experiencing. I tried acupuncture too," Rachel explains.
She says, ahead of her labour, she was hoping she wouldn't have to get pain relief,.
(Hypnobirthing] is not dogmatic … Whatever has to happen on the day, it prepares you to go with it and trust the doctors and midwives.Don't put yourself under pressure!

"I went into labour at home at 1.50am. My support team was my mum and my sister. I thought, 'I'll ring them in a few hours, there's no point in us all getting no sleep.' "I managed it alone until around 6am when I rang my sister, who arrived at my home at around 7am. My mum arrived at 7.30am and we transferred to Holles Street by around 8.30am, Noah arrived within 32 minutes.

Rachel says she "Couldn't have Hoped for a better Birthing Experience", she Credits to Hypnobirthing" 'Don't be upset if you can't have a Natural Birth'

Claire Brett is a hypnobirthing teacher based in Cork, who has been training expectant parents, in-person and over Skype, for eight years.
"It's very much all about brain training and reconditioning the mind to see birth as a more positive experience, it's so often seen as a negative thing."
She says hypnobirthing techniques "very much embraces all kinds of births" and can also help women who have previously had a traumatic birth to have a more peaceful birth this time around.

"Some people in my class will know they are going to be induced, some people in my class know they are going to have a C-section. People are open to tools like epidurals too," she says.
Claire has an 18-month old daughter, Jessica.
"I was tested to the limit with my own daughter's birth, I was hoping to have a natural birth but my stubborn little lady was breech and I unexpectedly had to have a C-section.

There I was, after Teaching Hypnobirthing for years, hoping for as Natural a Birth as possible.I learned to adapt my Techniques to suit the situation. I went into the C-section playing by Relaxation music...It wasn't what I expected but it was still a wonderful birthing experience. 

Claire says going through an unplanned C-section has "enriched" her classes as she can use her own experience to help women who may encounter the same thing."Some people get very upset when they don't have a natural birth. It's okay if it doesn't happen." Claire says many of her classes are attended by healthcare professionals as well as expectant parents. Source: Journal.ie

 "The medical profession is really taking it more on board now"I'm making recordings for midwives to help as support for the birth experience. It's seen as the norm now, and not something new age."
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