By Aisling Killoran & Ray Manning on Tuesday, 08 March 2022
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Hypnobirthing Online Class Benefits?

Everyone can benefit from Hypnobirthing, be it your first, second or last pregnancy. Although hypnobirthing does not guarantee a perfect childbirth, it always makes a difference to release fears, reduce anxiety, thereby allowing your mind and body to work as nature intended.

Benefits For You & Partner During Pregnancy, Birth & Baby 

Hypnobirthing Online classes increase your confidence in your pregnancy week-by-week and in your own ability to achieve a natural gentle safe birth, reducing the need for pain relief.

The making of your baby is a partnership, the bringing up of your child is a partnership and hypnobirthing fosters partnership during the pregnancy, childbirth and beyond too.

Hypnobirthing classes help you to overcome your fears and the hypnobirthing breathing techniques and visualisations will help you achieve your positive birthing experience.

Benefits For You During Pregnancy:

Benefits For You During Birth:

Benefits For Your Baby:

Benefits For Your Partner:

Greater understanding and awareness of how the childbirth journey will be
Actively involved and supportive, which strengthens your connection
Feel a great sense of empowerment a deeper bond between all three of you
Learn breathing and relaxation techniques that will give great stress relief
Understanding what your needs are in order to help you birth instinctively
Experience practical tools and techniques to help you both during the childbirth
Learn tools to help you stay calm and focused on having a gentle safe birth.
Confidence to work with the medical team in a positive way

Finally, Something Useful For Your Partner To Do Too!

Your Birthing Partner has an Active & Important Role to Play

In the Birth of YOUR Baby,

Which Promotes the Bonding Process 

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