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Hypnobirthing Techniques Unique To Child Birth

The day you discover that you are pregnant is a magical moment, and its' the moment. its' the moment the connection between you and your bay becomes even deeper then you could ever have imagined, and sometimes that are just no words to describe the feeling! It's just magical!

"Nature designed your body to give birth efficiently and comfortably!" When you share your pregnancy news! You will experience different responses from family and friends; from elation to horror stories, labor pains, medical interventions, C- sections, epidurals not always working! and the long hours that lie ahead for you! Then it gets topped with a long recovery time frame after giving birth!

We are indoctrinated from a very young age that giving birth is a distressing and painful experience that ALL women will have to go through it! if they want kids and yes, it may well be said, in order to put teenagers off having sex at a young age!

However, by the time young girls mature into adults, the seeds of childbirth have been well planted and the damage is done! They have been filled with the beliefs that pregnancy, birth and even parenting can be painful, difficult and challenging!

Mother Nature, NEVER Set Out To Intend That Giving Birth Be An OrdealOr Something To Be Fearful Of!

Our culture, books,media and stories have programmed us form a very early age that childbirth is a negative experience instead of it being a empowering experience of life!

We have NINE MONTHS not just for pregnancy! but also to prepare our minds and bodies for an empowering birth experience!

Hypnobirthing is antenatal training from the inside out!! That is simple, logical and profound. It is for both parents and teaches you how your body works along with relaxation techniques, self - hypnosis and breathing exercises!

This involves training the mind to believe that a woman's body has the ability to bring a baby into the world in a calm and gentle manner without the need for any pain relief or medical interventions. A lot of preparation goes into conditioning the body and mind through mental rehearsal over the weeks and months in the lead up to the big day!

Hypnobirthing does not mask pain, it reduces it down considerably and puts you in control of your body in a way that prepares you to accept and embrace whatever childbirth brings in a confident and empowered manner.

The mother is always aware of what is happening and is confident in her body's ability to handle the birth, and empowered to the extent of feeling very much in control from a positive perspective.

Hypnobirthing Is Embraced In The Maternity Hospitals In Ireland, Along With Home Births Too!

Softer vocabulary is also used in hypnobirthing from CONTRACTIONS to Surges and Waves of Energy and from PUSHING to Breathing your baby down through you.

What to Expect when engaging with Hypnobirthing Techniques?

Hypnobirthing online classes will guide and coach you and your birth partner on self-empowering techniques from; affirmations to visualisations, reading positive birth stories shared by others who have used hypnobirthing techniques.

Hypnobirthing online classes are about engaging in a positive mindset about the birthing experience and breathing is a crucial element taught in the classes online to both you and your birthing partner help with relaxation and guiding you through surges along with the release of oxytocin! The love hormone!

Birth preferences, birth positions, the journey through pregnancy and birth are covered in the classes too!

Check out the Hypnobirthing classes online that I have produced to provide you with a real-life class experience.

Hypnobirthing Course Content Overview: Hypnosis demystified!, Hypnobirthing, How it Works, Advantages, Baby Birth Partner, Birth Stories, Birthing Culture, Vocabulary for Calm and Safe Birth, Breathing Techniques, Birthing Muscles, Mind and Body Connection and its effects on Birthing, Fear and Pain Connections, Nervous System's role through pregnancy and birth, Relaxation techniques, Visualisation, Pelvic Floor Exercises, Nutrition, Bonding with Your Baby, Positions for Birth, Perineal Massage Graphs, Fear Release Techniques, Classic Signs of Labour, Stages of Labour, Due Date, Birth Plan, Birthing Ball, Bringing on Labour Naturally, Deepening Relaxation Techniques, Releasing of Negative Emotions, Fears and Limiting thoughts, Birth Rehearsal, Massage, Hospital List, Acupressure Points for Labour, Aromatherapy Remedies, Homeopathy Remedies, Natural Remedies, How to know when you are in pre-labour, Getting into the Zone with the 3 R's (Relaxation, Rhythm and Routine), Birth Partners Labour Guide, Knowing when to go to hospital or call the Caregiver Midwife, and lots more relaxation techniques! (Course Content May be Subject To Change)

"I Would HIGHLY Recommend Aisling's Hypnobirthing Online ClassesAs Well As Private One To One, We Learned ToTrust Our Bodies & Our Minds; We Gained CONFIDENCE & REASSURANCETo Have A SAFE Birth, Filled With Calmness, Relaxation&Beautiful Baby Bonding!" Nora & Derek

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