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Mind Set Is Key To Birth

Mind-Set Is Key To A Successful Birth! As women move through nine months of pregnancy, our bodies go through so many changes, and emotions can vary from elation, to, will I be able to give birth, manage the pain and look after my baby, be a good mother/parent.

Mind-Set Is Key To A Successful Birth 

As the months pass, doubts, worries, stress, anxiety, and fear of pain and hospital visits can sneak in, it's natural to feel stressed and anxious at various stages through pregnancy, especially when it comes to scans, tests, impending motherhood, relationship stresses, family members etc… 

But what we tend to do is push the fear of birth and what it represents to the back of the mind thinking, I'll be ok, and then Pandora's box opens on the doorstep of the maternity hospital, leaving it too late to deal with our fears and emotions, making the journey harder for you, your partner and your baby along with added pressure on the Midwives and hospital resources.

The main fears I find with women in pregnancy are other people's negative birth stories, needles, the anticipation of pain and how to manage it along with the fear of hospital interventions and previous birth experiences. With a little bit, of help, all of this can be addressed before you give birth

A study on expectations of pain in childbirth in 1993 looked at over 700 women.

The results showed "anxiety about the pain of labour was a strong predictor of negative experiences during labour, lack of satisfaction of birth and poor emotional well-being postnatally.

Women tended to experience what they expected, whether that was a lot of pain or a little"  


Women Have Been Giving Birth For Centuries!

Birth Preparation: Recommendations For Women In Pregnancy!

Nine months is a journey and time for preparing both physically, mentally and emotionally, so it's a good idea to divide it into 3 trimesters.

Trimester 1 Relaxation exercises, Cognitive Behavioural Mindfulness, Hypnosis for a relaxed pregnancy

Trimester 2 Pregnancy Yoga / Pilates, Hypnobirthing, Active Birth Classes, Breathing techniques

Trimester 3 Antenatal Classes, Hypnobirthing, Pregnancy massage, Birth Plan, Acupuncture

It is worth learning some breathing techniques as this will help you move through each stage of labour, and keep you focused in the now, which in turn allows your body to work its magic in bringing your baby to you!

Believe in your body's ability to birth –It's good to get some help along the way so that by the time your baby arrives you have all the energy and joy that you need to nurture your little one!

Ensure that you choose therapists who are experienced in working with women in pregnancy.

Providing Hypnobirthing Classes, Breathing Techniques & Emotional Support To Women For Over Twenty years!  

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