Pregnant & Feeling Anxious?

It doesn't have to be this way! 

It's normal to feel anxious and excited in the beginning of pregnancy as the hormones can wreak havoc to your sanity as they are altering and adjusting in response to becoming pregnant. You may even find yourself becoming territorial as you move through the months which again is a natural response as it helps women become protective of their space and self and nurture the baby.

Becoming a parent can bring lots of different feelings and new responsibilities! However, if you find yourself struggling through each day and unable to function to everyday tasks then it's important to get some help!

Acknowledgement is the first step to change 

People are on your side, so you do not have to go this alone. Acknowledge how you are feeling, be it your partner, a family member, friend. Find a support group if you feel you can't share with people you know. Visit your GP or tell your Obstetrician when next visiting with them.

Engage in some social activity 

A cup of tea with a friend. A walk in the park or by the beach. FRESH AIR is a great friend! Be kind to yourself – go to bed early and read a good book.

If you're a list person – write down all your worries on one page and then all that you are thankful for on another (you will feel much better)
Sleep is key in restoring your health and wellbeing!

Exercise through pregnancy
  • Seek out some yoga classes.
  • Engage with an acupuncturist to help you remain calm through pregnancy.
  • Check out local hypnobirthing classes online that will help you prepare mentally, physically and emotionally for the remainder of your pregnancy and in preparation for the birth of your baby.

 Bringing You Confidence Through Your Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond!

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