By Aisling Killoran & Ray Manning on Tuesday, 08 March 2022
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Scared Of Childbirth? Secret No 7 Can Help...

Expectations of pain are the predominant fear factor that women experience which causes excessive pain in childbirth. And yet for some women, it is manageable and enjoyable.

Expectations of Pain In Childbirth 

A study on expectations of pain in childbirth in 1993 looked at over 700 women.
The results showed "anxiety about the pain of labour was a strong predictor of negative experiences during labour, lack of satisfaction of birth and poor emotional wellbeing postnatally. Women tended to experience what they expected to, whether that was a lot of pain or a little"
Birth has gone from been viewed as an empowering, enlightening and powerful yet natural event, to one of which over 86% of women in IRELAND are terrified of.

It doesn't have to be this way!

Women Have Been Giving Birth for MILLIONS of Years!

I've been supporting mums and dads online through Hypnobirthing! Prepare their mindset for birth over twenty years and 95% have given birth free from FEAR and 75% free from medical intervention.

Unfortunately, the main focus in modern antenatal care tends to be geared towards what could go wrong. Predominately Antenatal classes are about external medical interventions, hospital policies and expectations along with working from the outside in vs. hypnobirthing which is working from the inside out. 

The secret for a mum to have a positive birth experience in modern technological environments are to: 

1. have open lines of communication between you and your midwife.

2. reconnect with your natural birthing instinct

3. trust that your body is perfectly designed to birth your baby when unhindered by processes and drugs.

4. prepare yourself mentally to hand control over to the primal birthing part of your body.

5. learn relaxation techniques to help you keep your levels of fear and anxiety to a minimum.

6. have birth preferences /plan/wishes in writing

"I want a safe, swift, comfortable birth that most mirrors nature" vs "I don't want an epidural, I don't want medical interventions, I don't want an episiotomy, and I don't want stitches! I don't want to be in labour for long"!

The unconscious mind does not hear or understand the word "don't" so if you read the sentence back again and skip over "don't" this is what your unconscious mind is hearing!

The Most important TIP Here Is To FOCUS On What You Do Want!

"I Want A Safe, Swift, Comfortable Birth That Most Mirrors Nature"

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