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What Is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing classes Online is a completely logical and extremely effective established birth preparation programme for you and your partner that lets you discover the joy and magic of birth, and is much more than just self-hypnosis or hypnotherapy.

Hypnobirthing Information
Soundly based in established anatomy, physiology and psychology, hypnobirthing classes guides you and your partner through easy-to-learn self-hypnosis techniques that allow you to enter deep states of relaxation during pregnancy and birth, resulting in shorter, more comfortable, easier labours, with less need for medical intervention or pain relief.

Hypnobirthing classes guide both you and your birthing partner through a range of deep relaxation techniques by teaching you muscle relaxation, visualisation and breathing techniques to become confident, relaxed and in control of your birthing experience thereby enabling you to make informed decisions around the birth of your beautiful baby.

Hypnobirthing classes do not mean you will be in a trance or asleep. You will be able to chat and be in good spirits while being totally relaxed, yet fully in control. You will always be aware of what is happening to you, and around you.

Whether this is your first or a subsequent pregnancy, or you felt dissatisfied with a previous birthing experience, the birth of any child is a hugely emotional and rewarding experience and hypnobirthing classes will provide everything you need to know in order to enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable birth.

You can still use the hypnobirthing techniques to great benefit even if you decide not to have a natural birth or if a medical intervention becomes necessary.

The comment constantly made by midwives is 'I couldn't believe how calm she was', and 'I've never seen such an alert, yet relaxed baby.

'Hypnobirthing classes teaches you safe birth techniques in how to use relaxation, self-hypnosis, visualisation and breathing techniques so you will remain relaxed and calm during birth.

Aisling's Holistic Approach Has Made Her Courses Increasingly Popular

Over Twenty Years


Has A Growing List Of Moving & Positive Birthing Stories. 

Where Did Hypnobirthing Come From?
Hypnobirthing classes has been developed over the years from many leading inspirational sources, including Dr. Grantly Dick-Read and Ina May, who have over 30 years' experience in midwifery; Katharine Graves founder of the Hypnobirthing Association; as well as parents who have openly shared how to improve upon this course that best suits the mother while working in tandem with the Irish maternity hospital system.

"Hypnobirthing Classes were Amazing

My husband and I cannot thank you enough for teaching this very calm birthing method to us so very brilliantly and for guiding me through another wonderful pregnancy and birth."

Rita & Anthony  

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