By Aisling Killoran & Ray Manning on Tuesday, 08 March 2022
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Will I Attend Antenatal Classes?

​Hypnobirthing classes have elements of antenatal, however, I do recommend during pregnancy that you also attend your antenatal classes, while you prepare for childbirth, as each maternity hospital is different and has their own policies, systems and procedures.

What is the difference between Antenatal & Hypnobirthing Classes?

Antenatal classes address all conscious, rational and the analytical aspects of birthing and are about external interventions, working from the outside in, which can lead to increased levels of anxiety, leaving women feeling emotionally and psychologically unprepared for birth.

 Get The Best Of Both Experiences!

Antenatal Classes Support You From The Outside In


Hypnobirthing Supports You From The Inside Out!

Hypnobirthing classes are working from the inside out and addresses beliefs, concerns, worries, fears, emotions and mental preparation, so that you are adequately prepared for birth.

Why Is Hypnobirthing So Good?

Here are some of the things you will learn that are NOT covered in most antenatal classes:

You'll Learn To Relax, Stay Calm, Remain In Control - Regardless Of What's Happening Around You! 

What Are The Advantages Of Hypnobirthing Classes?

"At one of our visits to the Holles Street Domino midwives it was recommended to us that we should look into Hypnobirthing Classes.As soon as I read the book I had to know more. I knew that hypnosis for childbirth was what I wanted for my baby and myself.

That is when we came across Aisling and her Hypnobirthing Online course.

The Main Thing we got from Hypnobirthing was Reassurance & Confidence

to give Birth to our Beautiful Child in the most Relaxing way possible.

"Ailish & Eamon  

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